Fan Page

Melton's customers get the last word:

"Melton's App & Tap is my go-to place. Lunch meetings, dinner with friends, watching a big game. The service, atmosphere and location are great, but it's the food and drinks that keep me coming back year after year. Holy Chicken Tender Sandwich!"

—David D, Atlanta GA

"Beyond just being a friendly, welcoming, relaxing, hang-out-with-friends kind of place, the food makes Melton's a destination worth going to time and time again. The buffalo tenders, pasta, reuben, fries with their addictive bleu cheese sauce, cheese puffs, are all AMAZING! But the real taste of heaven on earth (besides the great beer selection) is the brownie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. If Melton's had stock I'd be buying."

–Brian K, Monroe GA


"Monday Melton's. For seven years, it was pretty much standard for me and my roommates to drive over to Melton's for a fine evening of food and drink. Then we all got married, and though we can't come as regularly as we once did, our whole families love to come as often as possible. We've been to a LOT of restaurants in Atlanta, but Melton's has always felt like home in a way that cannot be compared to any other place in the city."

–Jon S, Snellville GA